Alchemy is the magic of changing a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.


All my products are plant-based, organic, sustainably foraged and artfully prepared. Simple magic from the kitchen + earth.

Herbal Healing Through the Seasons

Herbal Healing Through the Seasons


Have an interest in herbalism, food as medicine and healing self care techniques? This book, written by plant spirit herbalist Liz Bass, is an easy to read look at plant spirit medicine and self care. 

Season by season, I share plant allies, plant medicine, seasonal actions and recipes to help your body harmonize with your location on the calendar.

For the fall season, I will introduce you to to Oatstraw and Linden, share how to make an herbal medicinal tincture, cover the benefits of plant resins in creating sacred space and share favorite autumn salad and soup recipes!

In addition to the magic I learned in the Plant Medicine Apprenticeship, this intimate book reflects years of journeying with food as healer.

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